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Amber Queen is the largest amber ware manufacturer in Lithuania.

Our amber jewelry is envisioned by professional designers and made by experienced amber folk craftsmen.

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Chemical composition of Amber

In early 1828, the Swedish chemist J. Y. Berzelius established that amber consists of a volatile aromatic oil, two soluble fractions of a resin, succinic acid, and 90% of the insoluble residue. At that time, amber was already used in medicine, zoologists widely used its preservative properties, and botanists, by the nature of the insoluble[…..]

How to distinguish natural amber from artificial?

1. Intro 2. Simple ways to check amber 3. Artificial Amber from resin 4. Pressed amber 5. Artificial Amber from other materials 6. Ennobled Amber 7. Special and non-standard verification methods Intro The current level of modern technology makes it possible to imitate any natural stone – even such complex and beautiful as amber. The[…..]

What features does the Amber Brooch carry?

Brooch is one of the most beautiful, familiar and affordable jewelry. Organically blending into the look, the amber brooch will be an accessory that everyone will notice. What features does the famous sun stone framed in metal for decorating clothes carry? For the first time, amber brooches began to be used as an element of[…..]