What features does the Amber Brooch carry?

Brooch is one of the most beautiful, familiar and affordable jewelry. Organically blending into the look, the amber brooch will be an accessory that everyone will notice. What features does the famous sun stone framed in metal for decorating clothes carry?

For the first time, amber brooches began to be used as an element of clothing in ancient Egypt. Elegant jewels with stones were well known to both ladies of Prussia and Soviet women of fashion. Today, amber brooches are well suited to any business suit, although they can find a place in a different styles of clothing.

Brooch is an accessory worn on clothes. Clothing can be very different. That is why there are hundreds of varieties of amber brooches, each of which will not resemble the other. Charming silver brooch with icy black amber will perfectly fit into cold colors of clothes. Other models made of silver are also suitable for it. This metal is most often combined with the cold colors of the sun stone.

Gold brooches are often made with amber of classic shades, together forming a composition of unique shades. Such brooches can decorate almost any business or evening suit. Amber brooches – the largest scope for design decisions. It seems that not a single stone leaves so much freedom for creators from jewels. The amazing variety of colors, sizes and shapes allows you to create any kind of composition: from the most familiar to the unique.

The bright accents that amber creates attract the looks of everyone nearby. This feature of the stone can not be used when planning the appearance. Amber brooch is the most versatile jewelry gift. Every woman always has dozens of options for what she can wear. If there is a brooch, then she will always have a suit suitable for her. Unlike jewelry made from other materials, the amber brooch is not only out of fashion – its price and value are constantly increasing. A gift once, such a decoration will delight for decades, attracting the views of different people born in different years and even in different eras.

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